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The Spring Festival Custom
- Feb 09, 2019 -
The Spring Festival is the most solemn and lively traditional festival among the Chinese people. It has a long history of origin, evolving from the ancient times of suishoujiannian sacrifice. Centering on ancestor worship and praying for the New Year, the New Year celebration centers on activities such as getting rid of the old and starting the new, welcoming the jubilee and receiving blessings, worshipping the gods and worshiping the ancestors, and praying for a good harvest. The lively and festive atmosphere is rich and colorful, which embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Festival has a long history in our country, in the development of heritage has formed some relatively fixed customs, there are many also handed down, as do we, sweeping dust, paste in red, the reunion dinner, shou sui, New Year's money, thanks, happy New Year, dragon dance lion dance, worship of ancestors, burning fireworks, fireworks, whipped spring sheng, years, blessing, temple fairs, lanterns wine and custom to admire the lanterns and so on. The traditional festival ceremony and the related custom activity, are the festival element important content, is carrying the rich and colorful festival culture connotation.