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The Difference And Use Of All Kinds Of Colored Lead
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. Insoluble color pencil can be divided into dry and oily, we generally buy most of the market is insoluble color pencil. Cheap, is the best choice to get started with painting. The effect of drawing is lighter, simple and clear, most of which can be rubbed off. With translucent features, you can display different picture effects through the superposition of colors. It is a more expressive tool of painting. 

2. Water-soluble color pencil is also called water color pencil, its refill can dissolve in water, after the water, color halo dyed, can achieve watercolor as transparent effect. Water-soluble colored pencils have two functions: the effect is the same as that of insoluble colored pencils before they are dipped in water. But after dipping in the water will become like watercolor, the color is very bright and bright, very beautiful, and the color is very soft.

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