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Is Crayons The Same As Colored Pencils
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The main components of crayons are wax, vaseline, mineral oil, calcium carbonate, stearic acid, pigments and so on, the texture is softer.

The main component of color pencil is composed of clay and pigment with organic matter, which is a kind of hard painting material. Because of the different texture, crayons suitable for a wide range of smear, coloring particles large, but not easy to draw subtle details; color pencils can fully express the sharp lines and precise detail, because of its subtle coloring particles, color layer overlay, transition and change more delicate. In the paper selection, crayons more picky, the requirements of thick paper, rough surface, otherwise either not easy to color, or color accumulation in the paper agglomeration. In addition, there is another water-soluble color pencil, the use of the same method as ordinary color pencil, dry painting effect and ordinary pencil is not two, after painting with water brush in the picture smear, color will be dissolved in water, screen color can be mixed with each other, close to the effect of watercolor painting, in the performance of the delicate texture of the object, Better than a traditional colored pencil.

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