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How To Pick An Authentic Neutral Pen
- Nov 07, 2018 -

First trick: Look at Look at the packaging, genuine neutral pen packaging printing pattern clear, bright color, pen core bag corner smooth. Counterfeit products are blurry handwriting, dim color, pen Core bag corner rough.

Some packaging uses the same or similar logo and logo design as the genuine brand, as long as the serious comparison is not difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Second trick: try Trial products, as the saying goes, "good horse bad horse led out to walk", this step cutie in the stationery shop to try more, write and write can do.

For example, Le sheng neutral pen ink is the use of high-quality Japanese imported ink, bright color, stable quality, not dizzy in the water.

Third trick: than Sealed Oil | Genuine and counterfeit products comparison, genuine refill seal oil color is thorough and clear, counterfeit products sealed oil some dark yellow, some white, some of the worse workmanship is cloudy, impurities.

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