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Color Lead Tips
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. Start with HB or even harder pencils and sharpen as much as possible.

2. Calibrate, tick out some details, set aside the high-light type, this step to start the type must be as accurate as possible.

3. Start rubbing the pencil with an eraser, leaving a faint mark (do not feel redundant, this is because the pencil has been painted in a bad place colored lead color). 

4. Use colored lead along the trace hook type, you can use cooked khz and so on, do not use too heavy color, not good coverage.

If you have confidence in yourself can skip the first 3 steps of direct color lead type. 

5. Start coloring, the following start and sketch painting process is almost, but first from the pale part of the first start painting, solid color priority. The first layer of color gently painted, reflecting the entire large black and white ash can be.

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