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About Stationery, Something You Don't Know
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Tape is afraid of heat. As a good partner of the student party, double-sided tape is a fear of heat of the little guy, remember not to keep it in the high temperature environment, that is, do not expose it to direct sunlight, the preservation temperature is between 15℃-35℃.

Wipe off the residual moisture and oil on the paper before use, otherwise it will affect the paste effect, also do not in the uneven or dust and other impurities in the place to use, otherwise its effect is not very well.

How do you clean the scissors? Should be a lot of children's shoes have tried to clean the scissors with eraser knife face, ordinary scissors with rubber can clean the knife surface of the dirt and glue, as long as the wet towel wipe a bit can be restored as before.

But if there is a coating sticky scissors, it is not suitable for the above cleaning method.

Titanium plated or fluorine-coated scissors, all with anti-adhesive adhesive function, in the treatment of these scissors, you can use the following ways:

1. You can use oil essence to smear the surface and rinse

2. Alcohol, hand cream + makeup cotton wipe, the effect is also very good.

3. Xu gum wipe, colorless tasteless, also does not hurt the hand, corresponding scissors is also a very good cleaning tool. 

You have to buy a pen with a "hole."

After reading so many years of books and using countless neutral pens and ballpoint pens, do you know that almost all pens with pen cap have a small hole at the top? Designers are not idle nothing to do, this humble small hole is based on China's national standards of the People's Republic of China-student supplies safety general requirements, for mistakenly swallowing pen cap children to win back the time of rescue, so is to have.

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