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What's the process of making a pencil
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1, pencil cap material is mainly polyester materials, production process can be divided into molding, offset printing, assembly and other processes to complete it.

2, pencil rod materials are mainly nitro fiber pencil paint, printing ink, electrochemical aluminum foil, rubber head and aluminum hoop and so on. The production process can be divided into pencil board, lead, pencil rod, finished product decoration and other processes. 

3, pencil plate processing will log explain ourselves, truncated, Square saw into a block of wood, after water heat treatment through the cutting machine cut into pencil board. Plate length 184mm, width 73mm, thick 4.8~5.2mm. Then by heating (60~120℃) drying and high temperature (130~200℃) denaturation treatment, so that the pencil plate to achieve softening and easy to curl the degree.

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