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What kind of pencil do you have
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. Classification by Form. Pencil types include: "Log Pen", "sharpened pen", "hooded pencil".

"Ordinary Pen", is the pencil manufacturer will be the pencil core with a wooden pole, this pencil needs the consumer to cut the tip of the pen before it can be used; In addition, there is a small eraser at the end of the ordinary pencil pole, in the writing error, you can wipe the pen in turn to erase the wrong

"Grinding Tip pen", is a pencil pole processing a certain length of pen tip for sale of pencil semi-products.

"Hooded pencil" is a combination of a pencil pole and a pencil cap.

2, according to the process classification. Can be divided into: traditional pencil and automatic pencil.

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