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The origin of pencils
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1662 in Nuremberg, Germany built the world's first pencil factory-Scheder building pencil factory. Later, the German F caster in Nuremberg created the Law Park, the graphite pencil factory, using sulfur, antimony and other adhesives and graphite heating mixed manufacturing lead, so that graphite pencil rod manufacturing technology has taken a big step forward. N. France J. Kant first used the method of washing graphite to improve the purity of graphite, and clay bonding graphite into a refill, this method is known as Kant method.Laid the foundation for the pencil industry.Later, the French chemist Conte, after trial and error, switched to clay as an additive, making a core that was more solid and wear-resistant than before, and this method is suitable for any graphite mine and was still in use until 2018. There was a carpenter named William Monroe in the United States, embedded in a groove of wood strips, inlaid with a black lead, and then two pieces of wood glued together, made into the world's first pencil pole.

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