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The main types of erasers
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Nowadays, there are many kinds of eraser to meet different needs, there are ordinary incense rubber, but also painting with 2B, 4B, 6B and other models of art special rubber, as well as plastic rubber and so on. Some pencils have a small eraser on the tail. These erasers are mostly pink and have smooth colloids on the surface. They perform well on most occasions, but sometimes they break paper. If the force is too heavy, the eraser still has a chance to break the paper. When the handwriting is erased, the eraser will leave residue on the paper. If the cleanup is poor, the residue will leave traces on the paper. Another eraser is a brown eraser commonly used by artists, made of soft, rough rubber. It is designed to erase large areas of traces and does not break the paper. However, this eraser does not erase the handwriting very effectively and accurately. Another type of eraser commonly used by artists is called a soft eraser. It is mainly caused by a gray material, and with gum phase oak. Its strength prevents it from leaving residue, so its lifespan is longer than that of other erasers. It removes the handwriting by "absorbing" graphite. This eraser not only erases the handwriting (in fact, it can accurately remove the handwriting), it can also be used to highlight important parts or to make the work more detailed. However, it is not bad for removing large areas of handwriting, and if it is overheated, it will get dirty or even stick to the paper. The soft polyethylene-based eraser has a plastic texture and has the same function as a regular pink eraser. These erasers are softer than pink erasers, so they are less likely to damage paper. The polyethylene base eraser is generally white.

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