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How the Eraser works
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The working principle is to use rubber molecules and other material molecules between the easy to force, and the rubber itself is soft texture, do not destroy the paper. In daily life, even if the same words are written, we can tell which one is written by pencil and which is written with a pen.

and words written in pencil and words written with pens must be taken with different erasers to wipe them off. Write with a pencil, the handwriting is only kept on the surface of the paper, not deep into the inside of the paper, but the pen is different.

When writing with a pen, the handwriting is immersed in the inside of the paper and dyed the paper into a ink color. When you use an eraser to wipe the handwriting of a pencil, it is actually an eraser that wipes the handwriting written on the paper (made up of pencil powder) and absorbs it away. As long as the eraser with a wipe, along the rubber "footprints" pencil handwriting disappeared, that is, rubber on the pencil powder adsorption, greater than the paper on the pencil powder adsorption force. When writing with a pen, you want to wipe off the surface of the paper and the internal handwriting of a slightly darker piece of paper (into the ink in the paper), and you have to match it into a hard fine powder in the eraser. This eraser works like a file file, but using an eraser to erase the traces of a pencil is a phenomenon caused by the effect of friction.

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